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New Way to Check License Status in Kansas

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Having your license suspended is a very sticky situation. It poses many inconveniences as well as imparts new hassles that were not there before. There is a new addition on the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website that lets drivers check their driver’s license status through their website. This is increasingly helpful because a new law has created a lot of misunderstanding in this area. This law lets people with suspended licenses get a restricted license after 45 days.

The restricted license requires an ignition interlock device for the purpose of driving to and from work. And ignition interlock device is similar to a breathalyzer. It attaches to the inside of the car, and the driver must breathe into it before the car starts. If the driver’s blood alcohol level is above a certain percentage, the car will not start. The device also does periodic breath checks throughout the trip to make sure someone else did not take the test for the driver. Because this feature was added to the website, thousands of people have filed to receive these licenses with ignition interlock devices.

The Department of Revenue is not getting back to people who apply for these restricted licenses immediately. It has taken as long as 45 days for most people to get a lettered response from them. This letter gives them permission to get an interlock device installed as well as provides a section to be filled out and returned to the KDR. This online feature of the website is especially helpful to busy drivers who need their life back. It allows drivers to keep track of where they are in the process to get their license reinstated. You can only get a restricted license if your license was revoked for a DUI charge. This feature is not limited to drivers that live in the state of Kansas. It extends to out of state drives as well. Drivers who are not from Kansas that are charged with a DUI can also check their status online. When someone from another state gets a DUI in Kansas, a Kansas driver’s license number is created for that person. This information can be found through contact with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

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