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The Truths Behind Roadblocks

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Everyday we get behind the wheels of our car driving from one location to the next. From early morning to late at night we are always on the roads trying to get the daily challenges life throws at us down with speed and efficiency. We sometimes drive long hours on our hard earned vacation time to our destination of choice in hope of thrill and relaxation. Either way, we as Americans are constantly on the road moving from place to place. However, when we are on the road we want speed and efficiency. Yet, we are bound to run across a roadblock sometime within our driving experiences in one place or another.

Roadblocks main purpose that is known by the general public is to help cars going through them be investigated and make sure that there is not any driving while intoxicated of alcohol or other substances. These roadblocks can either take just a minute or two, or you can be in traffic for a long period of time causing many people to get frustrated easily.

So, one would think that these roadblocks are bringing in many people who are drinking and driving, putting a halt on crime, and protecting those on the roads right? Wrong. Roadblocks today have become completely ineffective, and quite frankly useless. Law enforcement entities are not really catching anyone that is drinking and driving, but more or less just trying to help meet a ticket quota for necessary paperwork that some drivers have that is expired.

More or less, the roadblocks are not bringing in any individual’s that are drunk driving simply because they either do not get on that road when hearing about it, or just do not get on the road and wait to get on at a later time. Also, technology has also allowed individuals to find out where officers are stationed for speeding spots, and even roadblocks, which also helps those who drink and drive.

Overall, roadblocks are a way of the past and continue to be a waste of American’s hard earned money that goes to taxes. A new method needs to be devised in order to catch those that are drinking and driving, but also be a successful form of law enforcement that is bringing results constantly to the citizens of what every county, or state is paying for them.

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