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DUI Penalties in Kansas: New and Improved

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Everyday we make a decision one way or another. We chose to wake up, go to work or school, the food we eat, if we exercise or not, and when we go to bed. It is a process that repeats itself everyday. Life is completely about the choices that we make from their start to end.  It is also expected in life today that an individual will consume some form or another of alcohol. From there, depending on the setting, the individual will make the choice of either driving home, or relying on another to get them from point A to point B. However, many times people think that they are not truly at the level of intoxication that they are, or simply just not too bright when it comes to drinking and driving.

This past year within Kansas, driving while under the influence of alcohol penalties have increased greatly. A first offender can get there license taken away for at least 30 days in their results from a breathalyzer test state that a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .15% or lower. Unlike other states, Kansas has instated these suspended driver’s license initiatives in order to help make the state not only safer, but decrease the likelihood of an individual driving who has had one too many drinks, or any for that matter.

A person who receives an additional breathalyzer test with the same, or greater results will have a suspended license for at least up to a year, which at times can be extended within the court of law by a judge. If an individual blows results within a breathalyzer test, that of a .15% or higher, their license will be taken for a year of suspension their first time. Also, they will be responsible after they are given their license back for driving in a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock system, which is basically a self administered breathalyzer test.

Eventually, after a driver reaches five infractions with the law, their license will be removed from them permanently and from there will have more issues than just drinking and driving to deal with. When it comes to drinking people like a lot of variety. From mixed drinks, to cocktails, and even to decorative holiday drinks people enjoy having fun when drinking. Yet, one thing for certain does not go while with alcohol at all and that is driving.

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