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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

The DUI Clinic Blog – Hottman & Associates

Our Kansas City area law firm is licensed to practice law in both the states of Kansas and Missouri.  Our DUI/DWI attorneys represent clients who have recently been arrested, processed and are facing both administrative and criminal cases  concerning their recent DUI/DWI charge. Our law office offer two conveniently locations and we encourage you to call us for a free initial consultation to understand all of your legal options.

For a free, no obligation consultation regarding your DUI/DWI case, call 1-888-4-DUI-CLINIC at any time.

Our representation of you on your Kansas DUI charge or Missouri DWI charge means that we will fight for you and defend the administrative and criminal charges filed against you.

Step 1. The Administrative Hearing – An attorney from Hottman & Associates will fight to protect your driving rights by providing representation during the administrative portion of the DUI/DWI case that deals with your driver’s license.

Step 2. The Criminal Case – Our law firm will represent you and rigorously defend you at your Kansas DUI or Missouri DWI trial in criminal court. The penalties for a first time or subsequent DUI/DWI are too severe for you to try and represent yourself – call us to discuss your DUI charge today.

For a free, no obligation consultation for a Kansas DUI charge or a Missouri DWI charge, call 1-888-4-DUI-CLINIC.  The call is free and so is the legal advice

Hire an Experienced Attorney Initially When Arrested For A Kansas DUI

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Even a misdemeanor accusation can cause problems for a person that may or may not actually be guilty of the crime. Many companies have intense screenings when hiring employees. A prior accusation that was not properly expunged from your record can follow you for years even if you were not convicted of the crime. Even a misdemeanor is a crime goes on your record. There are ways to ensure you are properly given the rights entitled to you under the constitution.

Statistics show many Americans have a criminal record. In fact it is close to one-fourth of all adults have some type of criminal record. Many of them may not even be aware of the fact they have something that shows up with detailed screenings. Companies request that applicants not even apply if they have a criminal record.

A first time DUI charge in the states of Kansas and Missouri is a misdemeanor. When you plead guilty or are found guilty the conviction of a misdemeanor goes on your record. There is a 48 hour jail time that must be served for a first time offender along with a fine of $750.00 dollars. The fines and jail time seem to be enough for a first time offense but the conviction can remain with you for life. Knowing your rights and having an attorney that will fight for you initially are crucial.

DUI charges are a big deal and can cause problems in the future. Do not be misled to believe it’s not going to affect you. Recently changed DUI laws in Kansas do make it viable for a DUI to have a one-time DUI conviction expunged from your record after 10 years. A span of 10 years is a long time when you are trying to find a good job. The best solution is to not drink and drive but once you have been stopped and charged take the imitative to what is the next best thing for you, retain legal counsel that will fight to protect you and your future.

You may not know that if you have been charged with a DUI/DWI, you have 10 days to take administrative action to protect your driver’s license. Contact the DUI Clinic as soon as possible. We will file your driver’s license appeal – whether you hire us or not. At the DUI Clinic we will give your case the personal attention it deserves. Our goal is to help put the DUI/DWI charge behind you quickly, aggressively fighting first time offenses, striving to not let one mistake follow you a lifetime. Call (913) 262-4444 or toll free (888)-4-DUI-CLINIC for a free consultation if you have been charged with a drunk driving offense.