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Kansas and Missouri DUI/DWI Lawyers

Firm Overview

DUI Defense Is What We Do

The DUI Clinic: our name says it all. Handling DUI offenses is what we do. We focus our practice on DUI defense to help you get the best results. We work with you to develop a strong case, and prepare each case as if it will proceed to trial. Years of experience have taught us that preparation is the key to getting the best results for our clients. Even if the case does not actually end up in court, in-depth knowledge of the facts will often lead to a stronger position for negotiation.

Extensive Knowledge of DUI Defense

For more than more than 15 years, our attorneys have defended people in the Kansas City, Kansas, metro area and throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas who have been charged with a alcohol-related offense. For help from a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the unique issues involved in a DUI/DWI charge in either of these states, come to The DUI Clinic. We put that knowledge to work by creating a strong criminal defense for you.

Contact us today. Call us locally at 913-262-4444, toll free at 888-4-DUI-CLINIC, or e-mail us.

Training That Helps Us Provide a Strong Case for You

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need someone adept at handling these cases. The specialized training we have received helps us provide you with a strong defense. Our lawyers are trained by the National College for DUI Defense at their summer training at Harvard University. Because we defend people against DUI charges everyday, we know the legal system in Kansas City and Missouri inside and out. This all works together to help us make the strongest case for you.

Helping Turn the Odds in Your Favor

While many people who have been charged with a DUI are guilty, many are not. We can help you turn the odds in your favor and get the best results for you. Our goal is to minimize the impact of a DUI charge on your life.

Get a Free Consultation

Contact us for a free consultation if you have been charged with a drunk driving offense. We answer all calls promptly.