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Kansas and Missouri DUI/DWI Lawyers

Defenses to DUI

Providing You With a Strong Defense

You have been charged with a DUI/DWI offense in Kansas or Missouri. You may be concerned about your driving privileges and how the charge will impact your record. Having a strong defense for your case is critical to your future.

More Than more than 15 years of Experience

At The DUI Clinic, handling DUI/DWI charges is what we do. Our lawyer has more than more than 15 years of experience in helping people in the entire Kansas City metro area and throughout Kansas and Missouri who have been charged with drunk driving. We are knowledgeable about all aspects of the law pertaining to DUI. We will use that knowledge to protect your rights. We will put you in the best position to defend the charges against you. Call us today to get started: 913-262-4444 or 888-4-DUI-CLINIC.

Several Defenses to Help You Get the Best Outcome

Experienced DUI defense lawyers consider the following when preparing a successful DUI/DWI defense. At The DUI Clinic our attorneys will consider the following factors and many others to help you get the best outcome if you have been charged with a DUI/DWI:

  • Illegal stop of a person or vehicle
  • Weaving inside the lanes is not illegal
  • Anonymous reporting of drunk driving can result in false allegations
  • Standardized field sobriety tests could be inaccurate, improperly administered and subjectively interpreted
  • Non-standardized field sobriety tests are invalid
  • Breath testing is inaccurate
  • Booking room videos
  • In-car videos can give an inaccurate view of the scene
  • Failure to provide a speedy trial is a constitutional violation
  • Blood tests (both those administered by the police department or in a hospital setting) could be improperly administered or the results could be inaccurately interpreted
  • Breath test operators could be unlicensed (or have an expired license) and inadequately trained
  • Breathalyzer machines could malfunction or be improperly calibrated
  • The prosecution may fail to prove that you actually drove under the influence
  • There are no independent witnesses
  • No Miranda warning was given
  • The arresting officer may have a prior disciplinary record that could have an impact on your case
  • Portable breath test results could be inadmissible
  • Portable breath tests could easily be improperly administered
  • The officer failed to observe you for an adequate period of time
  • No expert witnesses were consulted
  • Medical or health conditions could skew results
  • Weather conditions could have caused weaving on the road
  • There could be the lack of probable cause for an arrest
  • Any searches performed could have been illegal
  • There could be prior inconsistent statements by police officers
  • More alcohol could have been absorbed into the body after the arrest, skewing breath or blood results
  • Substances like medications could cause adverse reactions to even a small amount of alcohol
  • The police could have failed to produce dispatch tapes
  • There could have been misleading statements by police officers
  • The statute of limitations could have run on the charge
  • Certification tests could not have been recorded
  • Blood draws could have been forced

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Contact us for a free consultation if you have been charged with a DUI and would like to discuss possible defenses. We answer all calls promptly. An experienced drunk driving defense attorney is ready to help you fight your case.